Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bracelets & Anklets (Pre Order)

Bracelets /Anklets

Nett price of $4 for all items. Postage fees inclusive.
No handling & shipping fees. Minimum purchase of 2 items.

CLS will not be responsible of lost parcels if Normal postage was chosen.
Choose Registered Mailing for tracking no.(Additional of $2.24)

Can be mixed with any other accessories (Eg. Rings, Earrings, Necklace).
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Order Format:
Ongoing Accessories Spree #(Current Spree Number)
Normal/Registered Postage:
Item Codes/Name:

B : Bracelet
A : Anklet
S1B001 B

S1B002 B

S1B004 B

S1B005 (Black or Brown) B

S1B006 B

S1B007 B

S1B009 B

S1B011 A

S1B012 (White or Black) B

S1B013 A

S1B014 B

S1B016 B

S1B017 B

S1B018 (Gold or Silver) B

S1B020 B

S1B021 B

S1B022 B

S1B023 B

S1B026 B

S1B027 B

S1B030 B

S1B031 B

S1B032 B

S1B033 B

S1B034 (Red or Black or White) B

S1B035 B

S1B036 A

S1B036 B

S1B037 B

S1B038 B

S1B039 (Black or White) B

S1B040 A

S1B041 B

S1B043 A

S1B044 (Brown or White) B

S1B045 B

S1B046 B

S1B047 B

S1B048 (Silver or Gold) B

S1B049 B

S1B050 B

S1B052 B

S1B053 Anchor B

S1B053 Ballerine B

S1B054 B

S1B055 A

S1B056 (White or Black or Brown) B

S1B058(Red, Pink, White, Brown, Black) B

S3B001 B

S3B002 (Pink, Blue) B

S3B003 B

S3B004 B

S3B005 B

S3B007 B

S3B0010 B

S3B0011 A