Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ongoing Spree

Accessories: Everything for $4!
  1. Nett price of $4 for all accessories items.
  2. Postage fees inclusive.
  3. No handling & shipping fees.
  4. CLS will not be responsible of lost parcels if Normal postage was chosen.
  5. Choose Registered Mailing for tracking no.(Additional of $2.24)
  6. Minimum purchase of 2 items.
  7. Can be mixed with any other accessories (Eg. Rings, Earrings, Necklace,Bracelets,Anklets).
  8. Kindly email us with order format 
  9. No Meet Ups.

We Strongly encourage you to email us for doubts & enquiries before confirming your orders.
Ordering Format:
Ongoing Accessories Spree #(Current Spree Number)
Normal/Registered Postage:
Items Code/Bag Name:
Then email us!

Ongoing Accessories Spree #: 22
Opens: to be advised
Ends: to be advised
Pls be self-responsible to make your payment the soonest to avoid this!
No Payment with receipt no. / picture = No Order.

Shipping period: 2-3 weeks after spree closes.
Packing period: 2-3 days upon receiving.
Posting out period: Once packing is done, of course we will post out to you!
Email will be sent to spree-ers after we post it all out in the Sing Post (:

Click to start viewing our catalog (:
Everything can be ordered together ^.^

Earrings 2 (=NEW=)
Rings 2 (=NEW=)
Necklaces 2 (=NEW=)

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